Advertising doesn't have to fall into the realm of fiction to be exciting. Developing a sense of style that is cohesive with your brand, ethics and the stories behind your products is a very creative process and I encourage clients to be as involved as they'd like to be. Your narrative and inspiration is a big drive for me in my work and I'm excited to get to know you, your product and your company. The most important thing is that your customers and audience can connect with your product and feel the connection between what you offer and what you are. If you would like images that are beautiful, exciting, and aesthetically set apart from everyone else’s - you've come to the right place.


My job is to make sure your ethical product looks as good online and in print as it does in real life. Either on location, or in studio - your shots should highlight your fashion products to the highest degree and style depending on your target audience - while products stand out against a simplistic white background, I love to get creative with various other background elements when this is what the client desires.


What area of career has your target consumer decided on or are they studying? What are they likely to be studying - are they an art student or a business student? Are they more likely to be wearing a suit or dungarees? A rucksack or a tote bag? Minimalist designs or vibrant colours? The products we own say a lot about who we are and how we live our lives - this is important to show when developing narratives and images for lifestyle photography. Your brand identity and your demographic go hand in hand and this might be the way to go if you have a specific product and audience you'd like to target. From a friendship circle enjoying an evening out together in trendy evening attire to something more political, like a student protest for a rebellious clothing label, to something more art-house, like two dancers frozen in a performance, wearing a sports product. If you place your product in it's natural habitat your audience will be able to place themselves into the picture - owning that product.


When putting together a look-book for example, it's important to have your product shot in sync with your lifestyle photography - and to have said products looking as good in print as in real life - under the most effective lighting and shot with the appropriate lenses. Keeping a similar aesthetic is integral to synchronising all of the fashion photography that shows off your product and a lot of this happens in the editing room, where every little detail will be analysed to bring it to it's full potential.


Does your product have a special story behind it or is it's process of production especially interesting and engaging for it's consumers? If you're in need of photography to show how your product begins life and finds it's way into your store then I offer packages that include these process photographs too.

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